Top 10 Mythological Monsters

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Monsters have captured our imaginations for centuries. They fill our mythologies, books and films. The excitement and danger brought to life by these beings inspires our epic tales of heroism and despair. These are just a few of the many different monsters from various parts cultures and parts of the world.

1. Cyclops

We have the Greek poets to thank for this Monster of old. They describe giants, each with a giant eye in the middle of their forehead. They were strong, with nasty attitudes and a talent for making fear inducing weapons.

toon cyclop barbar

2. Banshee

A terrifying creature from Northern European mythology, the banshee was a harbinger of death. It was said that her howl foretold the violent demise of a family member. Banshees are said to be able to appear in any way they wish, but are normally pictured as either withered old hags or beautiful, seductive young women.


3. Yeti

Also known as the Abominable Snowman, the Yeti is akin to North America’s Bigfoot. Said to inhabit the mountains of Asia, this large ape-like creature strikes fear in the heart of storytellers and mountain climbers alike.

Angry Yeti

4. Moth man

Native to West Virginia, Moth man is a creature standing over seven feet tall, with large wings and red, glowing eyes. His appearances were associate with UFO sightings, exsanguinated animals, and the notorious Men in Black. A flurry of sightings right before a major bridge collapse cemented his place in the American psyche.

5. Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is Death personified. Pictured as a skeleton robed in black and carrying a scythe, death always comes to collect his souls.

scary grim reaper in the light of the moon

6. Mummies

From ancient Egypt to Scooby Doo, these bandage wrapped creatures are long-dead mummified bodies brought back to life. They emerge from their coffins, mindlessly chasing their discoverers with their distinct gait and low moans.

Egyptian Mummy

7. Werewolf

Half man, half wolf, these beasts transform into monsters at the light of the full moon. Easily passing for human during the rest of the month, these creatures are said to live among us, coming out to kill only when the moon is full. Who hasn’t heard a wolf’s howl when outside on a full moon and decided that it was best to go back inside, just in case.

werewolf lurking in the night

8. Zombie

The notion of the undead has taken our culture by storm of late. The coming zombie apocalypse has been the subject of books, movies, TV shows and a myriad of Facebook posts. Mindless creatures that seek to eat human flesh, the mob mentality of these creatures is terrifying and enthralling.


9. Vampire

These creatures of the night live off of the blood of humans, and possess the ability to turn living breathing humans into undead creatures such as themselves. Sunlight kills these monsters, so they lurk in dark places, sleeping in coffins and seeking those unsuspecting passers by to attack. Immortal, with special powers such as super speed and hearing, they strike fear into many a soul. Our culture is saturated with tales of the vampires. They capture our imagination and our hearts.


10. Dragon

The dragon rules the tales of mythological monsters. They fly, breathing fire into stories across cultures and continents. It is the dragon that the Chinese celebrate and the knights rescued their princess from. With majesty and terror, horror and fear dragons have inspired heroes and storytellers alike for millennia.

Dragon in the fire

There might be more weird and scary mythological monsters out there and not listed in our top 10 list.

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