Top 10 Poorest Countries of the World in 2013

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Our planet, Earth, hosts a good number of countries. Some of them are highly developed, prosperous, and rich, whereas the others are highly poor. The later are even deprived of the basic necessities of life. This article is an attempt to highlight those countries which are regarded as the poorest of all the countries. Following is the list of top 10 poorest countries in the world 2013. This list is based on different variables, such as the per capita income of the nation, the level of development in each of them, and the availability of the basic necessities of life. However, the suffering of millions of people is common in these countries, with very little degree of variations. The study of these top 10 poorest countries of the world in 2013 reflects that world still needs to do a good deal of work in order to bring smile on the faces of millions of people who are deprived of the basic facilities.


10. Togo

Togolese Republic is located in the West Africa, and is one of the poorest countries in the world. The people of this country are subject to face a number of problems including scarcity of food, unavailability of basic health facilities and many more. Togo is a home to almost 6.7 million people. It is estimated that the GDP per capita of Togo is almost $830.

9. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is not in the list of largest countries but government of this country is unable to provide basic facilities to population which is almost half a million. This African country has well enough economic resources to support the need of its inhabitants, but the social unrest, violence and injustice has plagued the lives of millions of people living in it. It is estimated that the per capita GDP of this country is $780.

8. Central African Republic

With the estimated per capita GDP of $760, Central African Republic constitutes the 8th position on our list of top 10 poorest countries in the world. The greatest source of income of the nation is largely agricultural products. The social unrest, violent activities, and other social problems have kept the country away from the path of development and progress.

7. Malawi

Malawi is very similar to Sierra Leone and it is world’s 100th largest country by area. Like other African countries it has many ethnic groups. The per capita GDP of Malawi is expected to be almost $733, slightly higher than Eritria. Malawi is also a home of great number of social problems that are proving to be the greatest hurdle in the development of its people.

6. Eritrea

Eritrea is another African country that is hit by poverty and other social problems. Although the country is blessed with great natural resources, such as uranium, which can help boost the economy of the nation, yet the combination of different problems including social violence, lack of strong political leadership and many more have resulted in the suffering of millions of people living in this country. The GDP per capita of Eritrea is almost $730.

5. Somalia

Somalia, which is largely famous of pirates at the international level. It has been termed as the most dangerous country to live in 2013 not just because of terrorists but its economic condition also plays its role to make it worst country of the world. The basic reason of terrorism in Somalia is poverty so people find it easy to make use of weapons to get money. It is estimated that the per capita GDP of Somalia is $600. The people of Somalia have been facing severe hunger and health issues for many past years.

4. Burundi

Burundi is often regarded as the home of diseases. This country has witnessed severe plagues, tropical and subtropical diseases. The per capita GDP of Burundi I estimated to be $410. The last year study of DHL declares it least globalized country in the world. The health facilities are not available to the masses and HIV is one of the most common diseases in this part of the world.

3. Liberia

Liberia has a GDP of $360 which is 3rd lowest GDP in the world. Liberia is also one of the filthiest countries of the world, as there are no proper arrangements of sanitation and other basic facilities of life. Statistics of World Bank show that there has been improvement in the availability of drinking water. Almost half of its population is surviving on less than $1 per day.

2. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Like other African nations, it has a long history of colonization but unlike its neighboring countries it was colonized by Belgium. It gained independence in 1960 but its economy never got respectable position in 53 years of independence. Congo has also faced a long and unending serious of social militant conflicts which has plagues the development of the country. The estimated per capita GDP of Congo is almost $355.

1. Zimbabwe

Here comes the name which is regarded as the world’s poorest country in 2013. Zimbabwe is a home of very precious metals, minerals and other natural resources. Diamonds are one of the most significant features of this country, however, the political conflicts that turn out to be militant conflicts in no time have made the lives of people pity. It is one of the countries which were colonized at end of 19th century and British colonizers left it very late. The minds of the people are still colonized and the term “neocolonialism” can be rightly used for this country which has been ruled by authoritative rulers. It is an interesting thing to note that its latest constitution was approved by parliament 3 months ago.

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