Top 10 Resolutions for 2013

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Top 10 Resolutions People Make (and Soon Break)

The end of each year is marked with celebration. A gathering with family friends to watch the ball drop, ending another year is a good time to reflect. Often on December 31st, we reflect on the past year and look forward to making changes in the coming year. We call these resolutions. Promises we make in an effort to better ourselves in the future. January offers such promise, a clean slate, a chance to do it all right. January 2nd is usually the day we change our mind. Unfortunately, many resolutions are broken within days of making them. Here are the list of new year resolutions ideas.

Top 10 Resolutions 2013

10. Exercise More

Exercise is good for you. Which is why fitness, weight loss, and healthier living promises seem to abound this time of year. Something about January prompts us all to want to get in shape and lose those unwanted pounds we may have packed on over the Holidays. This winter promise finds many joining a Gym, signing up for Cross Fit, or even buying their own treadmill. January 1st holds so much promise for those who desire to be thinner. But donuts go great with coffee, and it won’t be long before someone brings a whole box of those suckers in for the whole office to enjoy. Diet Fail.

9. Quit Smoking

Anytime is a good time to give up an unhealthy habit. Quitting smoking, whether cold turkey or with a patch, is no easy feat. This promise, may seem like a good idea at the time, but will soon remind you why you never quit in the past. Quitting smoking can often lead to over-eating. Choose your battle. Many ex-smokers have taken numerous attempts at kicking this nasty habit before they finally get it right.

8. Drink Less Alcohol

This resolution, often made after a night of over-indulgence, is often a short lived promise. Sure, it’s easy to refrain from drinking alcohol after a heavy night of drinking. But soon, the hangover goes away and your friends are calling for you to join them again. Just one drink will lead to just one more, and soon your resolution is out the door. Serious professional help is available for those who truly wish to stop, but your friends will remind you that nobody likes a quitter.

7. Spend Less Money

The first of the year is a perfect time for making promises to spend less money. Since you’ve already vowed to quit drinking and smoking, you’ll have loads of money to save. In January, it’s time to start thinking about taxes and W-2’s, so why not organize all of your finances and start cutting back on frivolous spending? Getting on a budget and getting fiscally smart is a great idea in the dead of winter, but give it a few months and you’ll find yourself right back where you were. Old habits die hard.

6. Get Organized

Once you’ve packed away the Holiday ornaments and polished off the last of the cake and cookies, you’ll feel inspired to organize your surroundings. Also, you’ll probably be looking to make room for that new treadmill you bought. Being stuck inside during the cold winter months, forces us to deal with our living space and tidy it up and organize things. By the time you get all of those CD’s and video games lined up it will soon be warm enough to get outside and forget about it all.

5. Spend Less Time on Smart phone

The New Year is a perfect opportunity to look around and notice the people in your life. Take a minute to look up from that important email or Facebook News feed, on your smart phone, and hold an actual conversation with loved ones. This new habit will only last so long, soon, your phone will ‘ding’ and you will find it hard to resist the temptation to see who is sending you a funny cat pic.

4. Print all of those photos

Since you’re back on your smart phone, now is a good time to scroll through those 762 photos you took at the Grand Canyon, and think about printing a few of them, instead of showing your phone to everyone who asks how your vacation was. While you’re at it, upload that video of your kid’s piano recital from two years ago, so others can enjoy it. Who are you kidding? You’re never going to print those pictures, which is why you’ll be stuck deleting them, to free up space on your phone, when you’re asked to snap a photo at the next family reunion.

3. Eat More Green Vegetables

Your mother was right, you need to eat your vegetables, especially the green ones. Since you’ve already given up on your treadmill and the Gym membership, the least you can do is eat healthy. But after a week or so, you’ll realize a head of broccoli just doesn’t compare to a crunchy bag of potato chips and poof, another resolution will be broken.

2. Be Happy

Don’t worry, be happy. Find the good in everything and everyone. This is a great plan, and might be a little easier to keep than the first 8 in this list. But at some point, someone will pull out in front of you in traffic, or someone will give you the wrong change, and you’ll lose it. You’ll forget about being happy and resort to your angry old self. It’s just a matter of time. Enjoy being happy while it lasts.

1. Read More Books

It’s winter, and it’s cold outside. Turn off the TV and read a good book. Or read a bad book, just pick up something and read. Reading sparks creativity and gets your mind working. Read to yourself or to your kids, show them that reading is fun. No, reading on the internet doesn’t count. Pick up a book and read. In a few months all of your favorite shows will be back on TV and you’ll forget all about reading.

What is your new year resolution idea for year 2014?

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