Top 10 Safest Countries to Live in 2013

| April 12, 2013

There is no peace without war they say and that is true indeed. And from the inside no body wants to live in a messy place. After all day’s struggle and hard work all a man looks for is a peaceful home, a comfy couch and hopes for peace around him. And for success a safe and peaceful life style is very important. With the overgrowing population and maximization of inflation day after day must be scaring the hell out of you and every one else out there. Crime rate is increasing day by day, every one wishes to be in a safe place and have a happy, exciting life. Especially after the incidents of 9/11 and attack on pentagon, the people of United States of America and others in Europe are terrified of terrorist attacks and street crimes. For all the peace lovers out there, here is a list of the top 10 safest countries to live in 2013.

10. Sweden


The capital of the Scandinavian community and such a model it is for them and for the entire world. Those of you who watch news might have never seen Sweden in the headlines of a major crime indeed. This country is not just safe but amazingly beautiful. It has a number of sites to visit and spend an exciting life in 2013.

9. Finland


For those of you who are tired of the economy crises, international disasters and need a place to relax, Finland’s peaceful air will make you feel at home. Another Scandinavian country is in the list of safest countries. Finland is the last country towards north pole and usually half the year it is covered with snow.

8. Austria


This central European country is also known as the land of music. The country where the grassy hills are alive and where the wind whispers in your ears that you have come to the safest land is Austria. Austria is also among the top 10 countries where crime rate is relatively low.

7. Australia


The kangaroo land is growing so rapidly that street crime does not engage in the life of citizens. The infrastructure and life style of people shows us their living standards. And Australia as a country is becoming a successful economy. Austria is world’s 7th best country to live in 2013 in terms of security of life.

6. Norway


Norway is one of the most peaceful nations in the world and officials of Norway have won the hearts of foreign people who travel there for trips. Aside from its beauty, the country has a strong social welfare system. The economy of Norway is very strong and no worries of unemployment living there.

5. Ireland


It is one of the safest countries of Europe. Ireland knows how to take care of its neighbors and provide its citizens a safe and peaceful air to live in. People here are friendly and brotherly.

4. Iceland


My favorite country in terms of safest countries is Iceland. I would have ranked it as number one but this survey is not just based on my opinions but on reality and crime ratio and in terms of facts not likeness. Snowy mountains and glaciers make your life thrilling while living in a country like Iceland.

3. Denmark


They say nothing is impossible and they are absolutely right in what they say. How Denmark, in the list of the safest countries of the world? How on earth can it be possible? Well, these questions must be pinching your head especially when you have an idea of history of Denmark. But yes it is true that Denmark is not only included in the list of the safest countries of the world in 2013 but it is also ranked at number 3. Shocking it might be, but this is the truth. Look at how drastically they have changed their impression on the world and made their country a heaven to live in.

2. Tuvalu


Located between Hawaii and Australia Tuvalu is heaven on planet Earth. The total population of this small country would be approximately ten thousand. And God has blessed this little country with a gift of peace and safety. From the past couple of years, no one has heard of any crime or terrorist attack in Tuvalu.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand

With a great foreign policy and a stable political scenario and with the blessing of heavenly sightseeing places New Zealand tops the list and is awarded with the title of ‘Safest Country of the World in 2013’. Tourists have such great reviews about this country. The crime rate is less than a percent and the economy is stable.

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