Top 10 Scariest Places in the World

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This world is full of strange people and scary places. Creepy things are almost everywhere. One only needs an observing eye to notice them. There are places that will give you goose bumps and your skin will crawl. You will start experiencing paranoia and heavy breath even before you enter those places. You will roam those haunted places hoping to see something from another world but sometimes you wish you wouldn’t. You will hear screams while sleeping, footsteps outside the door, and shadows in the fog and many things you have never even imagined before. All you will feel is deep terror that will make you shiver. Here is the list of top 10 scariest places in the world.

10. Riddle House

Riddle House

There is a house in Palm Beach country, Florida. We call it Riddle house. Previously it was a funeral parlor but it was rebuilt. Now it was privately owned by Karl Riddle. One his employee ‘Joseph’ committed suicide there by hanging himself. Now his spirits have overtaken the house. He does not spare anyone who visits that house. People have observed the furniture being frequently moved. Now no one is allowed to enter that house and is declared as a haunted house.

9. Hell Town

Hell Town

Hell Town is the northern part of Summit country in Ohio. It was used by the government as a buyout, and massacre of citizens. Houses devastated and burnt just to make national parks. If you drive through this town the wooded landscapes will give you chills even before entering the town. The burnt empty houses are really a scary scene. And above all the road leads to nowhere. There is a dead end; they call it the world’s end. They say if u stay there for a bit longer u will see the most scary things which you would have never seen before including mental patients, mutants, abnormally large snakes and super natural spirits.

8. Stull Cemetery

Stull Cemetery

Talking about facts, not some legendary tale let me tell you how creepy Stull Cemetery is. Back in the early 20th century two incidents rocked this tiny settlement. To find the charred corpse of his beloved son, a father burned the whole farm here but he couldn’t find it. Later a missing man was found hanged on a tree. On Stull Cemetery the book Weird US says that there are graves that are beyond haunted. These are places where the devil himself holds courts. It is also stated that this is one of the 7 gates of hell. Beware when you step over there.

7. The Ridges

The Ridges

It is basically known as the Lunatic Asylum of Athens. Athens is stated to be the world’s 13th most scary city. Billy Milligan, the famous rapist was also housed over here. Another story about the place is that a famous patient gone missing and after six years her body was found in a locked ward. Spirits haunt the asylum at night. The screams and noises would certainly scare the hell out of you.

6. Humberstone and LaNoria

Humberstone and LaNoria

Legends state that the dead of the La Noria rise in the dark and move around the city. Usually you can see photographs of supernatural forces in Humberstone. One can imagine how deadly and haunted these towns are that even the locals of nearby towns refuse to come here at night. It is 6th most terrifying place in the world to visit.

5. Byberry Mental Asylum

Byberry Mental Asylum

The way the hospital was run, that surely has to make the place haunted. In the hallways where the patients slept, human excrement was also lined. Abusive staff exploited patients in every single manner. The spirits of the dead patients roam around here to seek revenge.

4. Leap Castle

Leap Castle

Beware of the Elemental before you enter the Leap Castle. He is the notorious hunched beast who haunts the castle. When the workers were renovating the castle they discovered a ceiling hatch into which the prisoners were thrown. You may hear several noises and screams from the depth of this hatch.

3. Shades of Death Road

Shades of Death Road

The spooky and creepy name at one side there are other things more important which you have to fear when you enter the Death road. South of the road lies an un-named lake which is stated to be the ghost lake. Go there at any time if the night and you will see the sky brighter than the usual. The ghosts of the high way men incident roam around in thick fog.

2. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

The ghosts of more than 17,000 victims occupy the halls of the museum. Most of them were people who were forced to confess their crimes and sentenced. Some of the rules of trial were like this. It is second most scariest place in the world. Those who have visited it feel terrified whenever they think of it.

1. The Mines of Paris

The Mines of Paris

The mines these days are unsafe. But spirits do dwell in shadows that are infinite. It is stated that it is impossible to not to get lost. Some of the hallways are flooded, others so narrow that you cannot stretch your arms. The catacombs hundreds of feet below street level and haunted with spirits will make you shiver and beg for mercy to the spirits. This is the scariest place in the world.

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