Top 10 Tips for Women to Look Young

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There are many tips and expert opinions in particular when it comes to maintaining youthfulness in women’s beauty. Beyond the philosophical view that beauty is skin deep, which indeed it is, external appearance and looking eternally young is a concept that could be found throughout. Even in older times, women applied different methods to keep their skins glowing like in younger years. Cosmetics, glamor and make-up covers up a lot in years, however, to keep naturally young, one must eat healthy foods. There are many anti-aging creams available in the market, but not all of them fulfill their promises. Science hasn’t discovered that formula yet, which keeps youth forever. Laughter is also a natural way to keep young, both at heart and in appearance. Here are top ten tips for women to look young through different make-up tricks which are both simple and basic.

10. Choosing a Lighter Shade of Lipstick

Light Lipstick

According to makeup experts, it is necessary to use lighter shades to look younger, because dark shades will make the skin appear mature with lips getting thinner with age. Such shades as rosy reds or flesh-colored shades are more appropriate. The colors which should be avoided are peaches and oranges. They can make teeth appear yellowish, which spoils the whole look.

9. Lifting Eyes with Pencil

Lifting Eyes with Pencil

Another quick and easy trick to maintain young appearance is by using an eye pencil, instead of liquid liners, to enlarge the eyes. It will reverse the droopy appearance of the lids. Eyes are always the main focus of the face, and even though our eye-balls never change in size throughout our lives, but our eyelids do make a person appear old. With the right kind of make-up strategy, the appearance in age can be changed.

8. Using the Right Type of Concealer


One of the most important products to have in a make-up kit is the concealer and that too the type which suits your skin perfectly or else, it would not make any difference in the least bit. Using a dryer form of concealer helps in getting the young look, because it contains less oil. It is better to take a concealer which is expensive, but suitable to your needs then investing in one makes no difference.

7. Applying Olive Oil

Olive Oil

The best secret to maintaining a young looking skin in a natural way is to apply olive oil. It is the best natural moisturizer. For women with skin type which is either dry or sensitive to other anti-aging cosmetics, it is best to use olive oil before sleeping at night according to dermatologists.

6. Taking Care of Hands


A woman’s age can easily be gauged through her hands, since the wrinkles appear there visibly according to age and they become difficult to hide. Therefore, it is especially important to take care of your hands from the beginning. Always keep them moisturized and never let them dry. The trick lies in keeping them as if they were a baby’s hands, soft and young. Wearing gloves after putting a caring cream helps.

5. Looking After Your Feet


Just like taking care of the hands is important, similarly, looking after your feet is essential. No matter what pretty shoes you are wearing, if you have not been looking after your feet’s good health, it will take the charm away. Your feet must be kept soft with proper moisturizer and by wearing socks to keep away the dryness. Many people think that the beauty of a female lies in her feet so women should take care of their feet to attract males.

4. Removing Make-up before Bedtime

Removing Make-up

Make-up clogs the pores in the skin, which then destroys its natural functioning. Thus, it is necessary that each time that you wear make-up, you make sure to remove it when you are done, especially before bedtime. Never sleep with your make-up on and with you stepping out in the environmental pollution, it all comes along with your make-up.

3. Applying Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen

Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen

Wearing a sunscreen of SPF 30 is compulsory before stepping out in the sun any day, if you want to protect your skin. But, make sure that your sunscreen contains antioxidants as they will reduce damage better.

2. Lifting Droopy Cheeks

Lifting Droopy Cheeks

The skin becomes supple as we age. To counter this, smiling is a simple trick, but another basic one when it comes to make-up is to put a liquid highlighter on your cheekbones up toward your temples. That way, it will give an appearance of lifted cheeks, making them look as in young years.

1. Curling Eyelashes

Curling Eyelashes

Using mascara to curl your eyelashes is the perfect way to look younger and charming. Eyelashes become thinner with age, but mascaras can do the remedy. So always apply them to complete your youthful appearance.

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