Top 10 Tips to De-clutter Your Home

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When you are looking around your home you may see specific areas which contain clutter.  Every room in your home could have areas of clutter.  This can be bothersome to some individuals and to some it doesn’t bother them.  The best thing to do is to take on one room at a time.  By doing it this way you won’t become overwhelmed.  As each room is completed you will feel good about the job you have done.

home cleaningIf you would like to rid your home of the clutter we have compiled some tips to help you.  You could take some of the items to local thrift stores and receive tax credits when you donate items. Regardless, if you feel you need to begin working on de-cluttering your home or maybe even have had friends or relatives drop subtle – or not-so-subtle – hints in the direction of your clutter: It might be time to seriously consider getting started!!

The thing with clutter is this;

  • Clutter rarely just goes away!
  • Clutter breeds more clutter!
  • Clutter sneaks up on you!
  • Clutter will take over a home like Kudzu on an abandoned Alabama barn!
  • Clutter will discourage, depress and utterly overwhelm you!!

So with all this in mind, how about taking a few minutes and get inspired? Devise a strategic and battle-tested plan of attack! Shhh!! Don’t let the clutter know you are about to begin doing away with it. Just read our “Top 10 Ways to De-clutter your Home” and finally get the inspiration, ideas and strategic plans you have been needing to rid you, your home and your life of clutter for good!!

10:  Consolidate your office drawers

In order to start organizing the drawers you need to clean them out and throw things away.  Check your pens to make sure they work and if not then throw them out.  There is no need to keep things that don’t work.  You will want to check all the items in the drawers and see if they are truly what you want in there.

9:  Items that aren’t working need to be thrown away

While going through the house anything that you come across that is broken throw out.  If you have a CD which is all scratched and won’t play then there is no need to keep it.  This would be another item for the trash.

8:  Shoes and handbags

Women like to make sure they have enough shoes and handbags.  We all know that we may gain or lose weight but our shoe size stays the same.  This can be a problem when you want to de-clutter your home.  By giving away or throwing away some of those shoes and handbags could open up a big space.

7:  Organize your recipes

There are many different ways that you can get your recipes organized.  If your recipes are inside of magazines the best thing to do is to cut them out.  By doing this you will be getting rid of the clutter of all the magazines.  You can take the recipes and either place them into a notebook or write them down on index cards.  This way they are now organized.

6: If you would like to scrapbook then either make them or get rid of them

The best way to organize your scrapbook items is to look everything you have.  If you want to make a scrapbook then you should set aside a time to work on it.  If not then go through all of your scrapbook items and decide which items you won’t be using and get rid of them.  The other thing that you could do with the unwanted scrapbook items is to either donate them, sell them, or you could swap them with someone.

5: Any products that are old need to be thrown

As you are going through the cupboards, cabinets, and the cabinets in the bathroom take all the unused items and throw them away.  These could include, make up, cleaners, toiletries, lotions, and pretty much anything else.  As you are throwing these items away keep you will want to keep saying to yourself that you won’t buy anything until it is almost gone.  This will alleviate you from having the clutter.

4: Find a use for your fabric.

If you have some fabric lying around the best thing for you to do is figure out what you would like to do with it.  If you are going to use for a project then put it off to the side.  If there are some pieces of fabric that you won’t be using then place it in another pile.  You can take your pile of fabric that you won’t be using and either donate it or you could sell it.

3: Take care of your pantry

When you shop you could possibly buy in shop or when items are on sale.  When you are buying your food items you are shopping for items that you are thinking about using for meals.  What sometimes happens is that some of the items will just sit in your pantry and not be used.  This will lead to not only clutter but you could also end up with waste.  If you created a menu for your meals this will help you to use the items which are inside your pantry.

2: Sort through clothes and your kids’ toys.

Either before Christmas or after a good rule of thumb is to go through your kids’ toys.  By doing this you will see exactly what they have and what they don’t play with.  You can clean them and donate the ones that aren’t being used anymore.  The broken ones will, of course, be thrown out.  When you are going through clothes you will want to be looking for items that no longer fit or are ruined.  You can donate the good clothes as well.

1: Find at least 10 things that are making your kitchen cluttered.

If you begin with your counters you can find that things may very well be out of place.  Throw away any rubbish that you find.  Put any items that you find back where they belong.  Some items that you could find in your kitchen to get rid of would be:  broken cutlery, old sponges, and trash.  These are just a few you could find more if you try.

It’s hard to start begin uncluttering your home but once you start you will find how easy it is.  You will want to finish the job you started.  Once you complete one room you will be amazed at the transformation and be very proud of what you have accomplished.

Once one room is complete you will want to move onto the next room.  You will want to see how that room will transform.  Before you know it your whole home will be de-cluttered.

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