Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Australia

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Australia is a country rich not only in monetary terms but also in terms of natural beauty. Here you get a chance to experience the land of the ancients as well as the contemporary developments made by man. It is the 6th largest country in the World with respect to total area (77,692,024 square kilometers) but its population density remains amongst the lowest in the World (around 23 million, estimated for 2013). Being the World’s 12th largest economy, Australia is also one of the well developed countries. Tourism is one of the Australia’s significant industries. From its coastal areas to wildlife, natural and man-made landmarks to wonderful marine tourism, from its food culture to wineries, Australia offers a variety of great tourist attractions. Also, the great number of Australian sites that have been included in the World Heritage list is an evidence of the wonders which Australia hosts. Even though we cannot fit all these wonderful places in this article, we have come up with a list of top 10 tourist attractions that will leave you in awe and you will not be disappointed!

10. Australian Wineries

Australian Wineries

There cannot be a more perfect way to experience Australia’s wineries other than going on a wine tour with Jason (located on 8 Dudley Rd, Sydney)! If you are in Sydney, it’s a must do activity. It is ranked 1st amongst the activities to do in Sydney and awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2013 by the TripAdvisor. Jason will take you in groups of ten to the Hunter Valley. You will be able to witness great scenery. You will be taken to the finest wineries where you can not only meet the winery owners but also sip their wines! Jason is not only very knowledgeable and passionate about wineries but he also makes everything interactive which makes this experience even more enjoyable. If you are a wine lover, this is the ultimate tour of boutique wineries that you must not miss!

9. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

Located within the Alligator Rivers region, Kakadu National Park is a protected area which allows you to explore and discover the secrets of this land. It is an important place for the Indigenous people, some of whom still live there. It is an Australian site listed in the World Heritage List for both cultural and natural universal values. It is host to a great biodiversity which includes many different species of birds, mammals, insects, fresh water species, and plants. While visiting the Kakadu National Park, do not miss out the Indigenous art sites, visiting of the beautiful Jim Jim Falls, bird watching, and cruising in the Yellow Water Billabong!

8. Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound is located in Flinders Ranges and is bound to give you a great outback experience with its geology and wildlife. It is 8th best place for tourists in Australia. You can either go on a flight tour or hiking to explore its breathtaking scenery. Amongst other wildlife, you can expect to witness some kangaroos too! You can also go for camel riding or exciting 4WD track. Wilpena is famous for its hiking tracks and it offers something for both, novice hikers as well as experienced ones (climb Mt Ohlssen Bagge or go for hiking on St. Mary’s Lookout). You can choose to camp outside or reside inside the Wilpena Pound Resort. It will definitely be worth your visit!

7. The Franklin River

The Franklin River

The Franklin River is located inside the Tasmanian Wilderness which is a part of the World Heritage. You will feel enchanted by the ancient environment and the beautiful scenery. It is said to be the World’s last truly wild river. It will take you along its course and you will feel the thrill of its energy seeping inside you and with another bend you will feel mesmerized along with its tranquility. If you are an adventure lover, you will love its nail-biting, hair-raising ultimate rafting experience!

6. Whitsundays


Whitsundays is a collection of 74 various islands located off the central coast of Queensland. It has a lot to offer but we will be discussing its sailing since it is considered to be Australia’s sailing heaven! Whitsundays offer you a variety of sailing experience ranging from yachts to traditional tall ships where you can either be an active part of sailing, skipper yourself on a bare boat, or lay back and just enjoy. Sailing through these famous islands combines the best of Whitsundays in one holiday trip so do not miss it!

5. Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is another of Australia’s places included in the World Heritage List. It is the World’s largest sand island (1840 square kilometers). Also, it is Australia’s 6th largest island while Queensland’s the largest island. You can go for sightseeing, walks, or fishing, but we recommend you do not miss its famous 4WD safaris! We would also recommend these two popular tour operators who will make your safari experience a memorable one: the Dropbear Adventures (located in 5 William’s Ave) and the Australian Sunset Safaris (located in 101 Eurong Resort). You will get a chance to go through the rainforests and witness the wildlife. You are bound to have an amazing experience!

4. Sydney Opera House


Sydney Opera House is one of the Australia’s iconic sites with a fascinating architecture. It is a multi-venue performing arts centre which hosts more than 1500 performances every year attended by almost1.2 million people. It is one of the Australia’s top attractions where many visitors take a guided tour to visit this incredible building. In 2007, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You cannot help but feel inspired while walking in the footsteps of great stars like John Cleese and Pavarotti!

3. Uluru


Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a magnanimous sandstone rock formation. It is yet another of Australia’s iconic sites and listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is a sacred site for the Indigenous people which makes it rich in Indigenous culture and enveloped in folklore. The Sunset and the Sun rise are the most beautiful times to visit the Uluru and witness the enchanting shifting colors of the sky. Use a helicopter, go for a camel ride, or take a bike to cross the desert. You can also enjoy delicious dinner under the starry desert sky!

2. Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor is a natural harbor located on Australia’s East Coast. It is host to the infamous and iconic landmarks: Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It is one of the most beautiful harbors in the World. Ranked as the number 1 attraction in Sydney by the TripAdvisor, It offers spectacular views, secluded beaches, playing grounds for the children, cultural experiences with great food, and ferry rides. You can watch the beautiful Sunset or have a picnic, there is a lot to see and do but do not forget to take lots of pictures while visiting this beautiful place!

1. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

In 1997, The Great Barrier Reef was named as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It is the only living thing on Earth which is visible from the space! It is known for its beauty from the inside as well as the outside. It has the World’s largest collection of corals. However, it is more than just fish and coral; if you love to scuba dive, whether you are a novice or an expert, Great Barrier Reef provides you an excellent opportunity to do so. It is certainly Australia’s natural treasure which you must visit!

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