Top 10 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

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New Zealand is a beautiful country with a splendid landscape which varies from mountains to forests, volcanoes and beaches. Its breath taking scenery itself is a great tourist attraction as you will see in this list of Top 10 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand. Its government should be hailed for conserving New Zealand’s natural environment as well as its culture. New Zealand is not merely a place for nature lovers but it offers something for everyone; from 4WD, canoeing and kayaking to diving, gliding, jet-skiing, glacier hiking, hunting, whale watching, and bungee jumping. New Zealand is not only a great attraction for international tourists but it also pulls local tourists towards itself. A lot of its revenue comes from its tourist industry, around NZ$15 Billion. The United Kingdom’s newspaper, The Telegraph (in November, 2012), named New Zealand as the best country in the World to visit during holidays and we have declared it the safest country to live in 2013. It was difficult to choose only ten places amongst so many wonderful attractions but nevertheless, we have come up with this list of top 10 places that you must see during your visit to New Zealand to thoroughly enjoy its beauty.

10. Queenstown


For outdoor lovers, Queenstown is the place to visit! Queenstown is a resort town in the New Zealand’s South Island. It is built around the Queenstown Bay on Lake Wakatipu, allowing one to absorb the splendid sights offered by nearby mountains. Tourists love this place particularly not just for the sceneries it offers but also for the thrilling activities that await them. These activities include kayaking, white water rafting, jet boating and also skiing and bungee jumping. This place is also infamous for its Hobbits since most of the Lord of The Rings film series was shot here. Queensland is bound to give you memorable moments to cherish so do not miss it!

9. Auckland


Auckland is the World’s largest Polynesian city which gives it a distinctive culture. It is not only a must visit place for history lovers but also a great place for adventure seekers. You can discover the ancient Maori treasures in the Auckland Museum or you can roam around the Howick Historical Village and have a glimpse of the lives of the 19th century settlers. Auckland also offers its own tourist attractions including the Sky Tower (328 meters, New Zealand’s tallest man-made structure), Auckland Harbor Bridge (second longest bridge in new Zealand), and Kelly Tarltons Underwater World where you have the rare opportunity of observing ocean creatures in their own domain. You can also sky jump (A cable controlled base jump), sky walk (92 m above the ground), sky dive (offering New Zealand’s one of the highest free-fall zones), or sea-kayak.

8. Christchurch


Christchurch is the largest city in South Island (New Zealand). It is a business-hub and New Zealand’s third most populous city. It offers art, shopping, and many recreational facilities. It also allows easy access to the beaches as well as the mountains. Christchurch has parks and gardens, wildlife reserves, museums, art gallery and Art Center, cinemas, and theaters. The beautiful river Avon flows through the center of the city. You can also go for punting on the river Avon.

7. Wellington


Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and perhaps the most wonderful capital in the World. Wellington is a favorite tourists’ attraction due to its cultural attractions, beautiful natural scenery, architecture, and award-winning restaurants which offer a variety of cuisines. It has a compact down town where you can explore old 19th century architectural styles as well as contemporary styles and Art Deco. The major attractions of the city are the Museum of Wellington City and Sea, Zealandia (wildlife sanctuary), Wellington Zoo, and Wellington Cable Car. Wellington was ranked 4th in the top 10 list of ‘Cities to Visit in 2011’ by the Lonely Planet. Also, it has been continuously named as the New Zealand’s favorite destination by the Traveler Survey’s quarterly, FlyBuys Colmar Brunton Mood.

6. Mount Cook

Mount Cook

Mount Cook, also known as Aoraki, is the highest mountain in New Zealand (3754 meters). It offers not only exciting activities but also a breath taking landscape. You can go for 4WD safari, boating on the glacier lakes, skiing on the famous and New Zealand’s longest Tasman glacier, horse trekking, fishing or just hiking. You can stay in top class hotels or enjoy camping. The beautiful Tasman glacier is also a popular spot for having weddings!

5. Rotorua


Rotorua, nicknamed as the Sulphur City, is a city located on the southern shores of The second great lake of Kahumatamomoe. It is a popular tourist attraction for both the domestic as well as international tourists. Its main attractive feature is the geothermal activity in the area, especially the Pohutu Geyser. Rotorua also offers Maori culture since it was the ancestral home of the early settlers. It can woo you with its natural beauty including 16 lakes, relaxing spa therapy, great fishing, and forest walking tracks. For the adventure lovers it boasts to own one of New Zealand’s best biking circuits and offers sky diving and zorbing.

4. Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel Peninsula is another evidence of New Zealand’s origin as a result of geothermal activity. Originally, this area was known for its gold mining but now it has become one of the major ecotourism attractions. It mainly consists of forest parks and beaches. You can either go for yachting, scuba-diving, or relax in the hot water beaches. These beaches are especially popular amongst the tourists where the water temperature reaches as high as 60 degrees Celsius.

3. Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park

Established in 1887, Tongarrio National Park is the World’s 4th National Park while New Zealand’s oldest National Park. From forests to lakes, waterfalls to volcanoes, Tongarrio offers you all. It is host to the infamous Tongarrio Alpine Crossing and one of New Zealand’s great walks, the Tongarrio Northern Circuit. UNESCO has recognized this park as one of the 28 mixed cultural and natural World Heritage Sites.

2. Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is a combination of 144 islands. Its big-game fishing is internationally acknowledged. It is loved for its beautiful sights which you can observe through a chartered flight. It also offers sailing, walks, dune riding, and dolphin discovery. It is a fantastic place that attracts tourists from all over the world.

1. Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is a fjord and can be considered as New Zealand’s most favorite tourist attraction. It is located within the Fiordland National Park. It has the honor of being called as the 8th Wonder of The World by Rudyard Kipling. With the back-drop of water-falls, it offers a splendid opportunity for hiking, biking, and kayaking. It is the best place for any tourist to visit in New Zealand.

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