Top 10 Universities across the U.S.

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It has long been known that here in the U.S. there is a great disparity between schools and universities all across the nation. Although the curriculum may be similar in almost every educational system in all 50 states, the manner in which the curriculum is taught seems to make the most significant difference in terms of a U.S. citizen obtaining a “higher education.”

The issue that many U.S. residents and even students from abroad who come here to attend one of our universities is the financial obligation required to obtain an education. College in the U.S. is an extremely expensive undertaking for parents, the student and even the federal government programs that offer assistance to those in need. Seriously, a student could essentially attend a 4-year college like UAB (University of Alabama Birmingham), pay for housing, transportation and almost every necessity they might need and still not spend or be obligated to pay back quite as much money as they might have had they attended 6-9 months at an Ivy League University such as Princeton or even Harvard.

The top universities in the U.S. list below simply reflects the schools overall educational program and not the best university for a student’s or their parent’s hard earned money. Although extremely expensive, like almost everything else around the U.S. you really do get what you pay for when determining the education you will receive.

Top 10 Universities in the U.S.

10: Duke University:

Of all the colleges and universities considered to be among the best in America, Durham North Carolina’s Duke University is by far the absolute best a student could ask for if considering attending a Southern university. Known nationwide for its NCAA basketball program, the Duke Blue Devils, who not only remain among the best in the NCAA year end and year out but also consistently vie for the Ncaa National Championship. What many fail to realize is that the educational and academic standards set by Duke are repeatedly some of the highest across the U.S.

Not only is Duke University an extremely respected and intellectually adept school of higher learning by any standards met by ivy league programs, Duke is the highest ranked among any educational system who claim any religious affiliations. Extremely, and just as strictly set firm in their affiliation with the United Methodist Church, Duke University students are among the nation’s highest in SAT scores with the median average scoring between 1340-1540 in mathematics and verbal testing.

Attendance: 6,496 (Undergraduates) at any given time

Tuition costs: $39,000 per year (Across the board)

9: University of Chicago:

While being possibly the only university to find its way onto the top 10 universities in the U.S. list which is located in the Midwestern region, it could be by far one of the most research focused of them all. University of Chicago boasts an amazingly respected reputation as being heavily geared toward research from both students and its faculty. Privately owned, the average overall tuition for students remains competitive among the other schools within its education spectrum.

Attendance: 5,000 +

Tuition costs per year: $38,000

Median SAT Scores: 1310-1530

8: Columbia University

Although Columbia truly is among some of the best educational universities in the U.S., students who attend Columbia might be feeling somewhat crowded being that the school is located in the hustle and bustle of New York City’s Broadway! Privately owned, Columbia University records SAT scores well above the national average.

Attendance: 7,500

Tuition costs per year: $41,300

Median SAT: 1370-1550

7: University of Pennsylvania

Coming in at number seven on our list is the college that was first founded and began by none other than the man himself, Benjamin Franklin. Indeed, Franklin was not only a founding father of the nation, electricity and the University of Pennsylvania but was also quite the inventor and literary genius he seldom is mentioned for. Regardless, Ben Franklin knew the importance of a good education and located in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he founded one of the nation’s best.

6: Stanford University:

For those who might be unaware, Stanford University has quite a bit more to offer students than simply having a Ncaa football team who beats the brakes off the poor offensively challenged (when playing anyone ranked higher than 50th in the AP Poll) Oregon Ducks. The Stanford Cardinals do indeed have an excellent football program and even future golf legend and already iconic, Tiger Woods, attended Stanford. The school just happens to also be one of the best universities in the U.S. when it comes to cranking out extremely intelligent and highly sophisticated academically successful scholar students as well.

Attendance: 6,500

Tuition per year: $38,000

Median SAT: 1350-1540

5: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Well, there simply isn’t a whole lot we or anyone else can say about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Of course, most will recognize the university more easily by its more common 3 letter name, MIT. The excellence not only expected but woven into the DNA of all students who travel through the doors of MIT is truly second to none. Strongly focused upon research in technology and science, the students who apply and are accepted into the MIT program will display a strong emphasis on mathematics.

Attendance: 4,200

Tuition Costs per year: $37,500

Median SAT: 1380-1550

4: California Institute of Technology

While being only one of two California schools to make a top 10 list, Cal Institute of Technology is by far one of the smallest of all the colleges to make the list. However, the low number of students who attend school here are exceptionally gifted with an intellectual way of thinking that has established California Institute of Technology as one of the highest SAT median averages of our list.

Attendance: 974

Tuition Costs per year: $34,000

Median SAT: 1460-1570

3: Yale University

Yale is a world renowned university known especially for its academic excellence. Some of the greatest leaders in the nation’s history, as well as quite a few of those powers that be behind the throne of politics have attended one of the ivy-league schools like Yale. A Yale degree means automatic acceptance into almost any social group or political arena.

Attendance: 5,277

Tuition Costs per year: $35,400

Median SAT: 1400-1570

2: Princeton University

Essentially, the top three ivy universities are equally matched in all statistical categories that matter. Yet we have to have number one and Princeton simply fell short by the slimmest of margins. If someone asks you the name of the university you attended, throw out either of the three big names like Yale, Princeton or Harvard, the eyes will pop open just the same and the respect you will immediately receive will be justifiably the same as well.

Attendance: 5,000

Tuition Costs per year: $35,000

Median SAT: 1390-1570

1: Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious and academically sound universities in all the land. Cranking out presidents and CEOs of major corporate entities, U.S. Congress men and women, Senators and even U.S. Presidents. A Harvard education could actually be considered inexpensive considering the doors a Harvard degree opens up.

Attendance: 7,000

Tuition costs per year: $37,000

Median SAT: 1390-1570

Again, where you receive your college education is just as important as what type of degree you pursue. Choosing either of these top 10 universities in the U.S. will not only ensure you receive that “higher education” but will easily kick down doors you may have never thought possible.

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