Top 10 Unusual Fruits

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As we become more curious about food we are often tempted to try out new flavors and varieties of food. There are plenty to choose from but if you are unsure of the taste or how to prepare them it can be a bit daunting and confusing. Many people get to try exotic fruits and vegetables while traveling abroad but luckily for you a vast range is imported so you will not need to travel far as a good variety will available at your local supermarket.

Here are some of the most unusual looking fruits

1. Rambutan

Rambutan Fruit

This alien looking fruit grows in different tropical climates all over world. Similar to a lycee it is sweet and delicious; it is ready when it’s red and hairy. To open squeeze or cut it in half and eat the white flesh leaving the seed, do not eat the outer skin.

2. Goya (Bitter melon , Bitter gourd)

Bitter Melon

The bitter melon that resembles a cucumber and grows on a vine. It is usually picked before it ripens and can be eaten fresh or cooked. In salads it gives a crunch, it can be fried or steamed and is particularly good with an oil dressing like mayonnaise.

3. Durian fruit

Durian Fruit

Considered the world’s smelliest fruit its fragrance resembling ‘old socks’ is a fruit that can grow up to 3kg in weight it has a horned skin, its full-bodied creamy sweet flesh is a delicacy in some parts it is a fruit you’ll try and love or despise. The red durian is cooked with fish and it can also be made into a patty, chips or even candy.

4. Akebi (chocolate vine)

Akebi Fruit

Akebi is an unusual blue color. This unusual looking pod can be eaten like a vegetable as it has a more sour taste than a fruit and is often pickled. Eat the flesh and seeds together as they are too difficult to remove. It grows in the autumn in northern Japan. It is quite rare even in Japan so you’re unlikely to taste one.

5. Buddha’s Hand

Buddhas Hand

This unusual yellow fruit is an oddity it is sometimes referred to as fingered citron it is a common citrus fruit found in Asia and has a lovely fragrant smell. The peel can be candied into succade, the zest can be grated and be used in salads or fish dishes the same as lemon.

6. Mangosteen

Fresh Mangosteen fruit

A tropical fruit slightly smaller than a tennis ball the white edible fruit is protected by its purple outer layer. This sweet fruit has become a popular health drink called Xango juice. It can be made into jam and is reported to be Queen Victoria’s favorite fruit. Cut through the top of the fruit and remove the skin to reveal the white fruit inside. Eat fresh.

7. Dragon fruit ( the Pitaya )

the Pitaya

Its unusual hot pink appearance it is a super fruit has the flavor which is a cross between a kiwi and a pear. It is high in anti-oxidants and liposome’s it is sometimes referred to as pitaya and is a good source of fiber. It also has slightly less sugar than acai. To prepare cut through the fruit lengthways and scoop out the flesh, eat the seeds with the flesh as these are small and difficult to remove. Eat fresh.

8. Snake fruit

Snake fruit

Probably named because of its scaled brown skin. Snake fruit grows in clusters on a species of palm trees. It has a unusual sweet and is slightly acidic, it can be like an apple or it is sometimes crumbly. It tastes of pineapple but is crunchier. It can be eaten fresh or cooked in a cake. It is a favorite of the monkeys in the forests of Malaysia. One variety called salek gula pasir is very expensive to buy and is said to have 13.5% alcohol content the same as grape wine.

9. Prickly Pear ( Cactaceae Opuntia )

Prickly Pear

A cactus fruit also known as the Nopal cactus fruit or Indian fig it can be purple or yellow. The spikes should be carefully removed before peeling, the fruit can be used for candies, jelly or vodka and juice as it is sweet tasting. The prickly pear provides 13% of the daily need of vitamin C and 20 % magnesium with potent anti-inflammatory making this a super fruit. It is very popular in Mexican cuisine cooked with eggs or meat. It features in the Mexican coat of arms which are inspired by the Aztecs. The island of Saint Helena makes it into Tungi spirit by distilling it.

10. Star Apple ( Chrysophyllum cainito )

Start Apple

It has a round shape about 5-10cm diameter. It has purple or pale green skin and is often under rated but is delicious with its milky soft sweet pulp. It gets its name of Star Apple because when it is cut it has a star shaped core when cut. The skin must not be bitten into as it contains 33% toxicity including its skin and rind. It can be opened by twisting the top back and forth until the skin is broken and the core will pull away from it. It is eaten fresh and can be mixed with sour orange juice this is how Jamaicans prepare it called ‘matrimony’ while Bolivian’s boil the seeds to make nougat or an imitation almond milk and also confectionary. What is unusual about it is that it has latex in the sap of the golden leaf tree which it is grown.

Have heard of these unusual fruits or ever tried it?. Out of these weird fruits, which one you definitely want to eat.

Here some more best fruits image that you can’t buy at everyday grocery stores.

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