Top 10 Valentine Day Gifts for Her

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Well fellas, it is that time of year again. The time of year when no matter how much she tries to deemphasize the importance of your getting her an awesome Valentine’s Day gift, or even whether you get her anything or not, you had best damn well get her something and whatever that something is had better be mindboggling awesome!

Valentine’s Day gift ideaSo rather than disappoint her and spend Valentine’s Day with your regretting not going all-out in your gift idea and her steadily trying to reinforce that the look she had when first opening the vacuum cleaner you got her was not disappointment, just go ahead and get her something that she will not only like but will appreciate the effort and thought you put into getting it? Look, it isn’t really too difficult, or at least it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Think about who she is. What she seems to like doing or what she dreams of one day doing. If the two of you have been together more than a year now, you should already have learned enough about her to know what impresses her, makes her smile or perhaps what she dreams of. You do know! You might just be unable to recollect. So take some time to think, observe and listen to her. You will hit a homerun if you just put some thought into it.

With that in mind, below are 10 Valentine Day gift ideas for her that she is sure to enjoy.

Awesome Valentine Gift Ideas for Her

10: Jewelry

Of course jewelry guys! But only if you can really afford it. Don’t go plumb stupid and pawn your car or blow the rent money or electricity bill on a tennis bracelet! Yet at the same time, don’t just go pick her up a $27 necklace and earing set that will or could eventually turn her neck and ear lobes green either! If you can afford to spend $75, $100 or perhaps you are fortunate enough that even $500 or $1k isn’t out of your budget, then get her something nice that she can be proud of but still not create financial woes later. Nice. Not stupid ok?

9: Give Her a Day of Pampering

You could take her and get her hair done, nails painted and/or a few hours at the spa. Let her lay on the couch and watch TV while you clean the house, wash clothes and fix her whatever she wants. Baby her all day long and make her every thought or wish be your command. These are great ideas even if you bought her another gift as well. A day of pampering on Valentine’s Day can be icing on an already awesomely tasting cake!

8: Go High-Tech

If her laptop is old or outdated, get her a newer one. If she likes to read, a new Kindle or tablet of some sort might be nice. Download it with some of her favorite author’s writings or load it with enough funds for her to pick and choose what she likes. Maybe a new cell phone or if she likes taking pics with her phone and posting them to her social media outlet or Pinterest, buy your shutterbug a cool camera that has wifi and allows her to transfer files such as pics and video straight to her social media or other devices.

7: Instead of a Bouquet of Roses: How about a Rose Bush?

This is always a winner for real. Sure, get her a rose. But plant her a rose bush or fix her up a flower bed in the back yard. She will think of you, as well as this Valentine’s Day, every time she walks pass the flowers or smells their sweet scent through her bedroom window each morning throughout the spring and summer for years to come.

6: Something You Made By Hand

Men, I am telling you the gospel truth here. Sometimes you can buy a girl chocolates and a nice Valentine’s Day card and she will love you for them. But go in the kitchen and make her some chocolate covered strawberries and hand her a handwritten card or letter describing the way she has changed you for the better throughout your relationship? Well she is liable to fall flat of face in the kitchen floor! Even if you do not know a damn thing about making chocolate or any type of candy at all, there is an entire wealth of recipes online that just knowing you took the time and effort to specifically teach yourself to make something just for her will make for an awesome gift even if the chocolate itself tastes like mud.

5: Get Her a Puppy or Pet of Some Kind

Who doesn’t like puppies? However, do not just run out and get her a dog, cat or even a goldfish until you put some thought into this. First of all; does she have a place that is pet friendly and safe? Does she have time to commit to a house breaking a puppy or time to invest in caring for an animal long-term? A good way to tell if she could properly care for a pet would be if she has house plants that are always pretty, and have been around for a while. Also, remember puppies grow up fast so think about that as well. Will it get big as an adult? Would she be better suited for a small house dog?

4: Write a Short Book about Her Life

With so many ways to now publish your own e-books or even paperback novels, this would be an awesome gift that she might even would enjoy sharing with family and friends. Take your time but you should probably get started now. Write about her life from childhood through to this Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be detailed and exact but you do want to cover all the important moments. Include how you two met, include kids if she is a mom as well. Have it printed up and create a cool cover with her picture on it maybe! There are now book publishing machines setup in some malls or department stores, or go online and make her an e-book for her tablet or Kindle!

3: Take Her to a Concert or Sporting Event that She Likes

Get tickets to maybe her favorite rock, pop or country performer or maybe a group that though now pass their prime, use to have her dancing barefoot through the house or singing wildly and beating on the steering wheel while sitting at a traffic light. Let her have a blast, buy her a concert shirt and let her sway to the ballads on top your shoulders while you both hold cigarette lighters aflame.

Or, take her to a college or NBA basketball game. If she likes Nascar, Daytona Speed Week will be in full force. Maybe a ride along or drive around the track in a stock car! Just be creative and think of what she would like best. Regardless, the point is for her to have fun and remember this as the Valentine’s Day that you gave her fun, an adrenaline rush and had her heart racing.

2: Take Her Out…..Way Out!

Men, you can take her out to dinner and a movie anytime really. So just going to a nice restaurant and then a movie might very well be sweet and thoughtful. However it isn’t very memorable. How many times do you hear her say “remember that night we ate whatever at so and so place?” Instead, take her out but make it a memorable moment. Go camping in an area she grew up in. You can sit and listen to her talk and tell stories about what she did as a child or the friends she had that use to play hooky from school with her “in these very woods!” Give her a night of her childhood back and listen intently to a girl you only may have before thought you knew everything about.

1: Something She Needs; Just Doesn’t Know it yet

Sometimes a woman is so preoccupied with so many bigger issues around her; kids (if a mother), work, issues with a sibling or parent, bills or even on again off again friends that seem to always be as dramatic as they are problematic. Often she lets things slide that, although could be important, might not be on top of her list of priorities at the moment. Or perhaps it is something she is essentially having to let slide because she has to juggle way too much already and simply cannot afford it right now.

It could be time for you to swoop in and fix something in her life she either can’t or simply cannot afford the time or money to do herself. Be her Superman on Valentine’s Day guys! Sure, get her a gift as well, but do something unexpected but extremely needed and appreciated when complete.

Guys, make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one and one that she will always smile when she looks back on it. You can be her awesome boyfriend, her hero or her handyman. Just be there and show her that regardless of what she might often think, you do listen and you do know her better than anyone else.

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