Top 10 Ways People Screw Up

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Screw-ups, mistakes, bad choices, we’ve had  moments in our life we wish we could take back. Moments when, for  whatever reason,  we didn’t make the best decision. In today’s digital era, many of those moments are frozen in time. They are a reminder to us just how badly we have screwed up. Famous people are left with little wiggle room in the screwing up department, with eyes watching their every move. Here are 10 ways we, humans, find a way to screw things up.

Do not portray yourself as someone you are not!

do not do anything stupid

10. Sexting

Anthony Weiner became even more famous, and not in a good way. After his notorious Twitter selfie went viral, he found himself right in the middle of a sexting scandal that would force his resignation and put an end any chance of being elected Mayor. The former NY Congressman, showed how a simple bathroom mirror selfie can screw up a promising political career.

9. Facebook

Facebook offers a variety of ways one can screw up their life. Start by comparing your life to the lives of your ‘friends’, and their pictures of their perfect little lives. ‘LOL’ and ‘Like’  everything on the wall of someone you used to date. If you’re married, send private messages and have secret conversations with other married people. Also, don’t forget to update your status and broadcast to your followers, your every waking move. Bad mouthing your boss or co-workers all over your wall will also help. Be sure to continually update your status when out for a night of drinking.

8. Alcohol

Many a bad decision was made with the help of a little alcohol. Poor decisions like drunken status updates, overly honest opinions of loved ones, even the decision to drive while intoxicated. People screw up their lives everyday under the influence of alcohol. Decisions they soon regret the next day with a banging headache and a list of text messages from friends, colleagues and family.

7. Drugs

Though many celebrities have profited from their drug addictions in the form of movie and book deals, the average person’s drug problem will not yield the same results. A drug addiction is a sure way to  screw up your life. It will also screw up any solid relationships you have formed. It can eventually screw up your finances, assuming you have any money left after spending it all on drugs. A drug problem will, no dount, screw up any chances for future employment.

6. Cheating

Being dishonest and deceitful, breaking down the trust in your relationships is a guaranteed way to screw up your life. When you cheat, steal, or lie, you give those around you a perfectly good reason to never trust you again. You are, essentially, screwing up any chances for furthering any sort of relationships in your future.

5. Being Serious (all the time)

Those people who take themselves too seriously, all the time, and never allow any time for fun? Well, who wants to hang with them? Life is meant to be lived. Hospital corners on a perfectly made bed are nice now and again, but for the most part, no one really notices. Living each day like it’s your last really shouldn’t include ironing your clothes and making beds. Letting loose once in a while is okay.

4. Have Regrets

Having regrets is like driving a car with your eyes fixed on the rear view mirror. Get over your past and move on. You certainly can’t go back and change, or fix what you’ve done, so learn from it and live your life. Bad choices in life are meant to teach us how to grow, be sure to learn from your mistakes but don’t waste your time regretting them.

3. Give Up

One sure way to screw up a dream, is to give up on it. So many people get so close to having what they want, and then let that self-doubt creep in and abandon all hope. When you give up on something, you tell yourself you’re not worth it. Would you train for a marathon and quit a mile before the finish line?

2. Compare Yourself to Others

Comparing your ‘behind the scenes’ to someone else’s highlight reel, is the kiss of death. Why would you want your life to be like someone else’s, anyway? We all have dark days, but sizing them up next to someone’s good day, will only lead to sadness and disappointment. Besides, someone else’s perfect is never as it appears. People have a way of sugar coating the truth. Compare yourself to you, and only you.

1. Sucking at Math

Yes, you are going to need this one day. That’s always the answer to any kid doing their Math homework. Trying to make it through life without basic math skills is a great way to screw up contract negotiations, waiter/waitress tips, and the mother of all screw ups- your bank account. Forgetting to carry the one or borrow from the three will not only give you a ‘D’ in math, it will eventually be responsible for bounced checks and overdraft fees at your bank.

Have you ever screwed up in your life? In what way?

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