Top 10 Ways to Think Successful

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First off, the word successful needs to be defined, since it is a broad term that is applied to numerous circumstances. So, what does it mean? It means:

“Having attained wealth, position, honors, or the like” and “marked by a favorable outcome.”

So, thinking successfully must require that one be in a certain state of mind. It also should follow that the longer one is in a successful state of mind, the more likely a favorable outcome will occur. Seems to make sense? Absolutely it does! The mind is what generates all things that happen! If nobody, or better yet, if everybody rerouted themselves from a successful state of mind to a, for example, conventional one, then we would no doubt degenerate as a human race noticeably fast. The world needs more successful thinkers! Hence, become one yourself!

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10 Tips to Successful Thinking

1: Obtain tools that can help pilot you in the right direction

In this case, regarding the initial dive into successful thinking, a set of knowledge based material such as books, articles derived from university lectures, and even internet based information are solid choices to kick off with. You may, of course, have to read through material that may not interest you. But, sooner or later you will find something thought-provoking and stick with it. Reading literature of interest triggers deep thought which in turn expands your mind, and an expanded mind has room for added knowledge.

2: Think positive

We all know that thinking positive is a good thing. But, why is it a good thing? Because evidently when we are thinking positively, we are actually accepting the realization of success, development, and promising results. Therefore, think positive! It helps reduce stress, which acts like a barrier against mental awareness.

3: Contemplate

Contemplation is another mind expander and a key component to successful thinking. Once you realize the capacity of your mind, your self- confidence increases. And when this happens, you are in a positive state of mind and eager to feed it with more information, catapulting you to the next level.

4: Connect with other successful thinkers

Now is the time to test your new founded speculations and rub elbows with other flourishing thinkers. Take a trip to your local library and pick out a book that interests you. Sit down and read the synopsis, then contemplate what you’ve read. Ask the librarian to help you locate some literature and then strike up a conversation about something you’re familiar with. He or she is bound to expand intelligently and maybe teach you a thing or two. Better yet, rather than hit the local library, go to a college/university library. Your chances are at least ten fold in connecting with budding intellectuals who are more than likely keen on discussing almost any subject.

If you are in a positive state of mind, it will be that much easier to observe other entrenched thinkers playing out the same scenario as you are. It’s important to be creative and expose yourself to fresh viewpoints and give other perceptions a chance. It’s all about learning.

5: Take the initiative

Don’t wait until you have the urge to think successfully; do it and make a habit of it. It doesn’t have to feel good every time. Train yourself to think! It’s great exercise for the brain!

Here’s an idea: after breakfast, every morning, go back to your cozy bed and start reading something philosophical. Before you start reading, make sure you have your cell phone next you sounding out calm ocean waves, the rain forest, or birds chirping. When it’s time to get ready for work, get dressed with only deep philosophical thoughts in your mind. When you get to work; carry on mate!!

6: Take advantage of opportunities to think successful

Practically every day there exists a least a small window of opportunity to drift off into deep positive thought; whether it be planning your next brainstorm training session, pondering the current economic crises, or how to cure world hunger. Jump on every chance you get to think successful! In no time you won’t even notice that you are imbedded in successful thinking.

7: Practice what you preach

Now that you have gained access to more of your brain’s capacity than before and now able to share it, it is advisable to actually believe in the concepts and ideas that you discuss, with supportive evidence, with those who you are surrounded by.  With evidence and knowledge, you should be able craft interesting and believable theories of your own creation.

8: Reverberation

Like sound waves bouncing off walls and echoing into your ears, the concepts that you confidently share should reverberate back to you for instant evaluation, then reconstruction if necessary.

9: Back to basics

Everything that you have learned should be repeated habitually. Don’t get let up! Continue with your superior thinking habits. The key word here is habitual. Good habits can die fast, but not if you are realizing fruitful outcomes from it.

10: Know you’re a developed successful thinker

You have the tools. You are a positive thinker. You contemplate and are confident. You are part of a group of choice thinkers. You are resourceful and creative. You make good use of idle time. You believe in yourself. You learn from your own thoughts, and others…and you have solid successful thinking habits. Know you are a successful thinker!!

When you’re a seasoned successful thinker, you’ve reached a point where you are a step above the rest. You now see the big picture. Ideas that flow your way are easily linked together, even though they appear isolated to others. The realization that everything is indeed connected has become a part of everything you do in life. When your mind is successful, everything you do will also be successful.

Like all leaders who see the world as completely connected, are leaders because they have been successful thinkers their whole life and have been connecting the pieces all along the way, and no doubt trained themselves with discipline and motivation.

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