Top 10 Worst Prisons in the World

| April 5, 2013

Prison is undoubtedly the worst place to live in on earth. These are specifically designed for those individuals who are considered as harmful for the society. Therefore, those people who are declared as criminals by the courts are sent to these prisons. It must not be forgotten that the real purpose of prisons is not only to punish such individuals but to make effective efforts as to make them better personalities, so that when they are released they would give no more harm to society. However, all the prisons of the world are not same to each other in their atmosphere and facilities for the prisoners, and are differentiated on the basis of the facilities which are provided over there. Following is the list of top 10 worst prisons in the world. These prisons are specially designed for most dangerous criminals, including the dangerous terrorists and serial killers. The authorities of these prisons ensure that these individuals are keenly observed and watched. It is reported that that many of these prisoners are in constant struggle to breaks the prison and set them free. Therefore, in order to prevent such incidents, these prisons are designed with great care leaving no chances of escape from them. Here are top 10 worst prisons in the world.

10. Drapchi


Drapchi is located in Tibet and is regarded as one of the deadliest prisons in the world. The authorities of this prison exert great force and pressure over the convicted individuals and keep them under severe subjugation. It is also reported that this prison, Drapchi, often involves purposeless killings of the prisons. Therefore, the individuals who are sentenced to prison in this building are not even allowed to misbehave with the security personnel or they would have to face serious consequences for their behavior. It is 10th worst jail in the world for prisoners.

9. Bang Kwang

Bang Kwang

It is the worst prison in Thailand. The prisons are often beaten and are compelled to do different tasks such as labor work. The individuals who are sent to this prison are regarded as most dangerous criminals of the country and are kept with their legs chained. Moreover, they are given a very limited amount of water and food to survive.

8. ADX


The prison ADX is located in Colorado. The most dangerous and wanted terrorists of the world are sent to this jail which is regarded as a safe house for such criminals who are highly harmful for the peace of society. It is interesting to note that ADX is famous for its reputation as clean hell, where prisoners are kept in very inconvenient and uncomfortable atmosphere. It is specifically designed to minimize even the minute chances of escape. The total number of prison cells in ADX is 500.

7. Louisiana State Penitentiary

Louisiana State Penitentiary

Louisiana State Penitentiary is located in United States and is regarded as one of the worst prisons of the entire world. The prisons held here are subjected to do hard labor tasks irrespective of their physical strength. If any prisoner refuses to perform these difficult works, he is supposed to bear severe consequences involving the worst physical torture. The rules of this prisons are highly strict.

6. Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz is highly famous prison owing to some Hollywood movies such as ‘Escape from Alcatraz’. This prison is located on a small island and is specifically designed for the most dangerous criminals of the country. It is also one of the most ancient prisons of the world with highly authoritative atmosphere where prisons are constantly observed and watched.

5. Diyarbakir


Diyarbakir is located in Turkey and is famous for its bad reputation of physical torture, ill treatment and cases of sexual abuses. The prisoners confined in this prison are reported to bear inhumane treatment at the hands of the authorities. Owing to such ill-treatments, many suicide cases are also reported from this prison.

4. La Sante

La Sante

La Sante, one of the nastiest prisons of the world, is located in beautiful city Paris. The architecture of this prison is itself a great torture for the prisons. Its cells are so congested and small that prisons have to face worse hot conditions especially during summers. the prisoners held in this jail are kept in these congested cells for almost 23 hours each day, irrespective of prevailing weather conditions.

3. Kwan Li So No. 22

Kwan Li So No. 22

This prison is located in North Korea. It has earned a very bad reputation for the inhumane treatment of prisons. The news of sexual abuses and severe physical tortures from this prison are not rare and are commonly reported. Moreover, the females, the children, and the male prisoners are treated alike in this prison which often compels many prisoners to commit suicides.

2. Carandiru


The most dangerous prison of Brazil, Carandiru, is regarded as one of the worst prison facilities of the entire world. This prison has been treating the prisoners in inhumane manner ever since its inception. Here prisoners are treated even worse than animals and savages. Carandiru is not known only for the tortures at the hands of officials but it has also earned bad reputation owing to spread of AIDS epidemic within its premises. It is reported that every individual out of five, detained in this prison, is suffering from this deadly disease which speaks volumes of conditions prevailing in this prison facility.

1. Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo Bay is the worst of all prisons of the world. This detainment and interrogation facility is owned by United States of America but is located in Cuba. During the recent years, a number of cases have appeared on the scene in which US officials are reported to treat the prisons of this facility in very inhumane manner. It is specifically designed for those alleged terrorists who are regarded as greatest threat to US security and peace. However, the worse feature of this prison is that the individuals held in this prison facility are not even given the chance to prove themselves as innocent. The worse reputation of Guantanamo Bay speaks volumes of ill treatments and worse behavior of US officials towards the detentes.

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