Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks of All-Time

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Terrible Terrorist Attacks of the World

Terrorism is a broad term that can be defined in many different ways. In general, terrorism can be defined as an act of brutal violence on a group of people, mainly for political purposes, to provoke fear amongst people. In today’s day and age, terrorism is a major issue that is constantly in the news and is a large obstacle in the peace of our country and around the entire world. Although terrorism has been very prominent in the last decade, it has been going on for centuries. Some of these acts of terrorism are impossible to erase from history so we have compiled a list of the 10 worst terrorist attacks in history.

10. Attacks at Manhattan

Most people in the younger generations may have never heard of this event but it remains a part of the United States scarred history. On August 3, 1977 a group of people belonging to the Puerto Rican FALN group entered Manhattan and brutally attacked the Mobil oil building as well as the American defense building. The largest loss suffered was the financial loss to the defense power although 1 person was killed along with 8 reported injuries.

9. Ma’alot Massacre Terrorist Attacks

One of the worst days in Israeli history, a two day long hostage of more than 115 people took place on May 15th of 1973. The hostages were taken by three members of the Liberation of Palestine who murdered 25 of the hostages as well as injuring 66. Even 40 years later, this day is still remembered in Israel as the black day.

8. Terrorist Attack on TWA Flight

The worst air attack recorded in history, the Attack on TWA flight from Athens to Rome brutally crashed into the Lonian Sea. At first, it was thought to be due to engine failure but once the truth came out, it was realized da bomb had gone off that was hidden in cargo. Those responsible belonged to the Abu Nadil Terrorist organization. Everyone aboard including 79 passengers and 9 crew members were killed in the crash.

7. Chechnya Border Attacks

Now remembered as the saddest day in Russian history, March 24th, 2001 will never be forgotten. This is due to the terrorist attack on Chechnya border which is between European countries and Russia. At that time, it was under the influence of a large terrorist group. On this day, three car bombings went off which killed 20 people and injured almost 100.

6. Amerithrax Terrorist Attacks

Occurring one week after the brutal attacks of 9/11, a less well known terrorist attack occurred. Not using bombs or weapons, 5 innocent officers were killed due to letters which were sent that were laced with Anthrax spores. Along with the 5 deaths, 17 other people were infected and overall security was raised by the government.

5. World Trade Centre Bombing of 1993

Although the attack on the World Trade Center we are more versed in are the attacks on September 11th, prior attacks also took place on February 26th of 1993. This attack could have been as devastating as the second attack but it was mostly unsuccessful. A truck bomb went off that was supposed to knock down both buildings, therefore killing thousands but it ended up only killing 7 people.

4. Bombing of Wall Street

One of the oldest attacks in United States history, 100 pounds of dynamite being carried by a horse-drawn wagon was detonated in the financial sector of New York. This timed bombing killed 38 people and seriously injured 143 while also causing more than $2 million in building damages.

3. Mumbai Attacks of 2008

The worst terrorist attacks to ever occur in India happened on November 26th of 2008 in Mumbai. The Hotel Taj Mahal was targeted in the 64 hour attack which includd bombings, shootings, and hostages. The ending casualties were 166 people along with 10 of the attackers but more than 600 people were seriously injured.

2. Oklahoma City Bombing

Remaining the worst terrorist attack in Americas history until the attack of 9/11, the Oklahoma city bombing targeted the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building. In the blast of the bomb, 324 buildings were demolished, 168 people were killed and 680 were injured. 86 cars were burned and the glass was shattered in nearly 258 buildings nearby. The overall damage totaled to over $650 million.

1. September 11th Attack on the World Trade Center

The day none of us will ever forget, September 11th was easily the most devastating day in America’s history. The World Trade Center was absolutely demolished due to the hi-jacking of two planes which were crashed into the buildings. The official reports state 8,900 people were injured and 2,993 were killed in the attack. This attack made the country question our security on the nation which led to raised airport security and fear across the nation.

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