Top Ten Places to Visit in New York

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When people hear “New York,” they often immediately think of New York City, which also bears its’ name. Because of this, quite a lot of those who live in the bordering states, as well as residents of the state itself often refer to it as “The State of New York” or “New York State.” This helps them to better distinguish the two. Although New York has many places to visit but we will discuss only the places of New York City.

Although many might not realize it by is size alone, New York is the third most populated state in the U.S. with 2012 estimates placing its population at just around 193 million. New York City alone was recorded as having 8.3 million itself. One would now find it hard to believe that only a few decades after being founded by the Dutch in the early 1600’s, New York City (New Amsterdam then) had only a little over 300 residents.

The state is best known for holding the hub of the nation’s financial and business world. In fact, it is the home of Wall Street, which on a daily basis juggles the financial futures of almost every Major Corporation and public invested company across the nation. However, New York isn’t all money and stuffy business men in suits. Truth is, there is plenty of things to do and see in New York, which explains why it is one of the top tourist drawing states in the U.S. It will help travelers to visit best places of New York City.

1.  Statue of Liberty

Statue of LibertyShe stands as a symbol for freedom in Staten Island and has lit fires in the eyes of early immigrants seeking the American Dream and represents what the entire United States is about freedom. Here, in New York’s concrete jungles or beautiful countryside, hope is there for the taking so it is a beautiful place to go when you are in NYC. All you need is to have a dream, believe in that dream and believe in yourself.

2. Empire State Building

Empire State BuildingIn just a little over an 11 month span in 1931, workers completed one of the biggest and -at the time- tallest tourist attractions in the entire U.S. Standing just under 1500 feet, New York’s most famous places of interest has proven to be one of the most popular icons of New York City’s gorgeous skyline. Many who have never been to the tourist attraction in person still know it very well as the centrical figure of the Hollywood blockbuster “King Kong.”

3. Times Square

Times Square at night time

If there were ever a place to coincide with the word “hub,” it would be Times Square in Manhattan, New York. Every year, on the night of December 31st, Times Square becomes the state’s top tourist attraction and has almost all the world’s eyes upon it. The famous “Ball Drop” that occurs on New Year’s Eve each year draws people from around the world who crowd into the Times Square area to be seen, enjoy the celebrations and to forever boast that they were there.

4. Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller CenterHome of the “Today Show” and an ice rink which alone has become an enormous tourist attraction, RockefellerCenter, “The Rock” has enough New York iconic sites and scenery to keep tourist gazing and star struck all day. It is actually numerous multi-building complexes all in one. TV shows, skating, as well as many other events can be going on at “The Rock” all at once without interfering with each other. It gained even more notoriety as being the focal point of NBC’s “30 Rock” comedy.

5. The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn BridgeThough it might not have been viewed as one of the world’s “7 Wonders” when it opened in 1883, but New York’s BrooklynBridge has for years since been marveled as one of the greatest engineering feats in U.S. history. The bridge is like no other ever built and has made itself a popular place of interest, as well as an infamous imagine as the place where wary souls would leap into the abyss below. The bridge should definitely be on anyone visiting the states list of tourist attractions.

6. Coney Island

Coney IslandOriginally called “Conyne Eylandt” (rabbit island) by the Dutch settlers, Coney Island is a place like no other. Ferris wheels, carnies drawing crowds and thousands of tourist eating hot dogs while waiting to ride the infamous “Cyclone,” Coney Island has been providing residents and tourists alike reasons to ditch work, skip school or simply have a day of fun since 1824. The boardwalks are places of interest, as too is the world renown “hot-dogs eating competition” which takes place each summer.

7. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of ArtOpening in 1880 and spanning a massive 11.2 acres, the museum is by far one of New York’s more cultural tourist attractions. Holding a little of everything to appeal to almost everyone, The Metropolitan Museum of Art can entertain tourist for days without ever boring them. Although the admission price is more of a “suggested donation” of $25 for adults, $17 for seniors and $12 for students, in order to allow the museum to be enjoyed by everyone, one could be admitted for as little as $1. Though pretty easy to manage one’s way through the museum with little difficulty, this place is best enjoyed by visitors who come early while crowds are not as likely.

8. Carnegie Hall

On a trans-Atlantic cruise in 1887, conductor of Ontario Society of New York Orchestra, Walter Damrosch, met a man who sat and listen to him tell of his dream to build the most beautiful, acoustical and easily accessible concert hall in the entire world. Fortunately for Damrosch, the man he was speaking to was Andrew Carnegie, who was one of the wealthiest men in all New York. Shortly afterward, ground work began being laid for “Music Hall.” Years later, the name was changed to honor the man who patiently listened to the dream of Damrosch: Carnegie Hall.

9. Grand Central Terminal (Station)

Grand Central TerminalOddly enough, one of New York’s most iconic of all places of interest for tourist is actually used by thousands of New Yorkers each day as part of their daily routine. Grand Central Terminal, although home to the City’s subway boarding and exiting location, it is also the home of the Beaux Arts complex. It is possible that Grand Central is one of the most visited places of interest in the entire state.

10. The September 11th (911) Memorial

911 MemorialAlmost everyone from around the world knows the details of the events which took place on September 11th, 2001. This memorial is not just among the many best places of interest for visitors to New York. For many, it is the main place of interest. Established in order to pay tribute to those fallen, it has also become a place where so many can stand and appreciate their life and the family and friends they have to be thankful for. This interesting place is at 10th spot in best places of NYC.

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